Sunday, March 27, 2011

What Emma Did - 27th March 2011

This week I have been:
Going back to the docs for my arthritis blood test results (which were inconclusive)

Booking my yearly skin check (I cant emphasise enough how important these are in Australia especially if you are very pale, freckly or moley like me!)

Going to Paddy's Market to get my mums birthday pressie (I can't tell what it is as she reads my blog!) and picking up a cute red parasole for $6 and some Chinese stress balls for $10 at the same time.
Gathering support for my sponsored silence
Trawling Basement Books (I love this shop!) and picking up a copy of How to Hepburn: Lessons on Living from Kate the Great by Karen Karbo (I will review this in the week!)
Having some very yummy and cheap Chinese at Market City food court
Organising a night out with the hubby after I get back from the Blue Mountains as he cant come with! (I'm thinking we'll probably go to see The 39 Steps)
Planning a new exercise and healthy eating routine as my new Heyday dress is too snug and its also only 12 weeks until the wedding. 5kg to lose me thinks!
Pulling out the Wii Fit, dusting it off and doing half an hour and being pleased to find my fears were unfounded and I haven't put on any weight!
Catching up with the UN girlies at the pub on Friday

Having the purple fairy, my niece, nephew and gorgeous great niece over for a cup of tea and so the purple fairy and I could raid my wardrobe for the French fairy's party outfits!

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