Monday, March 28, 2011

My New Healthy Routine

With just 3 months until my wedding I want to lose about 5 kilos so I look the best I can for my wedding day. With that in mind I have decided to post a weekly update of my weight loss to keep me motivated. Week 1 Weight - 60kg Bust - 34" Waist - 29" Hips - 39" Thighs - 23" Arms - 11" In order to lose the 5kg I plan to: Not eat anything after 6pm Have my largest meal of the day at lunchtime Do at least 30 minutes exercise (most likely on the wii fit) every day Return to the healthy diet that the doctor gave me for my PCOS (in a nutshell don't eat anything over 5% sugar and 5% fat)


  1. Can anyone help me with my editing problems with blogger! For the last few posts I have tried to post the when i post them all the spaces disapear even though they were showing in the editor. Its getting very fustrating! x

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