Friday, May 27, 2011

The Life Overhaul - New Goals

Way back in January I set myself a list of resolutions for the first half of the year. As well as the goals I listed in the last post there's a few more things I want to achieve. So here's the list:

Take a Hot Air Balloon Ride - I have been wanting to take a hot air balloon ride for some time and with this great deal from it has to be done! 

Cost: $299 for two including a full gourmet breakfast from

Try Scuba Diving - I can try a free scuba pool splash on holiday so I'll give this a go and if I like it I may well do my PADI. I'm not sure how well I'll do as I feel a little claustrophobic underwater but I'll give it a go.

Cost: FREE (for pool splash) and then $415 for a PADI course at my local dive centre

Learn to Drive - I mentioned this in my last post. It's something I've put off for almost 10 years! So I really have to bite the bullet and do it! As soon as I get my tax back I will get my L's and book a course of lessons. The hubby is a very calm driver so he has offered to teach me as long as I have a few lessons under my belt first.

Cost: Driver Knowledge Test $38
Learner License $21
Course of 10 Lessons $458 at my local driving school

Take a dressmaking class - At the moment I find dress making a little frustrating as my ability level is not up to the items I attempt and this makes it none to enjoyable. Taking a class will help me hone my skills.

Cost: $144 for 8 two hour lessons at my local community college

Learn to ride a bike - this is something that I was too scared to learn as a child and learning to ride a bike as an adult feels a little embarrassing. The thought of taking long bike rides and picnicking with the hubby this summer has spurred me on though.

Cost: approx $150 for a cheap bike to learn on

Take a photography class - since getting an SLR camera from the hubby's dad way back in December I haven't really made the most of it by learning how to use it fully so I want to take a class to teach me at least the basics.

Cost: $160 for 4 two hour lessons at my local community college

Doing a pin up photo shoot - after losing 23 kg's I feel pretty happy with my body (which is probably a first for me) so I want to celebrate this by having a pin up style photo shoot. I am also toying with the idea of creating a calendar as a Christmas pressie for the hubby although this could be somewhat expensive.

Cost: $150 for 1 scene change at Bexterity

Getting more tattoos - I have a long list of tattoos I want that includes stocking seams, swallows of my shoulders, two frangipani flowers (as that's what I'm having in my bouquet) a peacock down my side and a pagan god and goddess tattoo on my back. This lot could be expensive but I certainly want to get a few of these within the next year.

Cost: $ ALOT!

Taking a burlesque class - This is something I have wanted to do since first seeing burlesque performed. I don't think I could ever perform burlesque to an audience as I suffer from terrible stage fright but I think it would be fun to take a class or two!

Cost: $30 for a taster class at Blush Dance School, Sydney

Trying out the Trapeze - Ever since I first saw a trapeze artist at a circus I thought it looked like tremendous fun, terrifying but fun! When I found out that I could try it for myself at Olympic Park I couldn't wait to give it a go. I may even drag the hubby along for a tandem trapeze experience.

Cost: $55 at Olympic Park, Sydney

Learn to Knit - I was hoping that the Hubby's Mum could teach me to knit when she came over to visit back in December but although we got the equipment we didn't get round to learning so I found a class in my area and thought I'd try it out.

Cost: $66 for a 6 hour course at my local community college

Parasailing - The hubby had an experience voucher to try this for his birthday 2 years ago but at the time we were too busy and it never got used. I'd still like to give this a go once the weather warms up so this time we will book it and actually do it!

Cost: $139 for a tandem parasail with Sydney Harbour Parasailing

Doing a Skydive - This is a biggie for me! The thought of skydiving both fascinates and petrifies me in equal measure but I definitely want to give it a go. Whether I will be able to take the leap when I get up in the place is a different story though!

Cost: $259 with Sky Dive the Beach

Learn to read music and play the piano - The hubby has offered to help me with this as he is very musical! We will get a few musical theory books so he can teach me to read music and a keyboard and fingers crossed I'll be a music maestro in no time at all!

Cost: $?


  1. What an incredible list you've made! You have so many gutsy goals; when you've accomplished what you intend to it'll be amazing- you'll be able to say "I've done that" to so many daring things!
    Bravo for setting goals for yourself and please share your progress with us!

  2. Thanks Miss Ginger I will be sure to share all my new experiences over the next few months via this blog! x