Thursday, October 13, 2011

Night Noodle Markets

The Hubby and I went to Hyde Park this evening to check out the Crave Food Festival's Night Noodle Market. We tried a variety of goodies including Peking Duck Pancakes from Zilver, pork dumplings, mini pancakes with strawberries and chocolate sauce and kofter and baklava from Efendy. Unfortunately we didn't get pictures of all the dishes as they were just so yummy that we quickly scoffed them!
Kofter from Efendy
Baklava from Efendy
 I wore my new green Cheongsam that i got from Paddy's Market which I just love!
Cheongsam - Paddy's Market
Cape - eBay
Shoes - I love Billy
Rose - Bexterity
50's Cats Eye Sunglasses - Etsy


  1. Oh wow, I actually walked right by you at the entrance of Hyde Park. I was with some vintage-loving friends and we admired your outfit and discussed Chinese-inspired vintage wear for several minutes after you passed. I wish I'd known, I'd have said hello!

  2. Oh my gosh I think I saw you I was also admiring your outfit and commented to my hubby that I hoped you didn't think I was staring. Were you off to a vintage event or do you dress like that all the time. You both looked amazing! x

  3. We were obviously in mutual appreciation! You've clearly discovered by now we were off to our "Old Hat" event after the noodle markets. See you there next time :)