Saturday, October 13, 2012

Weekly Buys - 13th October 2012

Today I did something I rarely do and went shopping in a mall with the Purple Fairy. While I love any excuse to shop I hate shopping at malls. The crowds drive me crazy and the shops all have the same style clothes in which definitely isn't my style but I bit the bullet and went on the promise of champagne after!

While I was there I took the opportunity to pop into Target and check out the Von Follies collection. I blogged about the collection ages ago but after discovering the overwire bras that I really wanted to buy only went up to a C cup I didn't actually buy any of the collection. Dita has recently released some new item in the collection so some of the older items were on sale. I picked up a few bras to try out but couldn't find anything in store in my size but I will definitely be ordering online!
I also discovered that Target are stocking Dita's perfume so I went to test it out. I expected it to be quite musky like Chanel no 5 but it is light and beautifully floral. As it was on $30 for a bottle I picked some up. I also tried on this cute spot dress but couldn't justify buying another dress.

We also popped into Big W but were very uninspired by the women's clothing section. Then to our delight we discovered the children's section and the amazing Miss Minnie collection. We realised that the age 14 items fit us so I picked up this supper cute jacket and vest top. I did not see the sequin mouse ears in store but I will definitely be going back to look for a pair!

I also grabbed a lemon cropped cardigan and a cute blue floral sheer blouse for summer from SES.

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