Monday, March 17, 2014

What Emma Did - 16th March 2014

Apologies for the late post readers. I had a busy day yesterday trying to get into the city when the trains weren't running to get to the Sydney Antique Centre for fitting for the fashion parade I'm modeling in in a couple of weeks. The above picture was snapped by the fabulous Miss Kitty and features Nora and I being photo-bombed by the lovely Nina of Nina's Vintage Closet.For some reasons I'm pulling a really weird face but I thought I would post it regardless!

Anyway back to the post at hand, this week I have been:
♥ Taking some of the classes at the gym with my Niece and subsequently being very achy! 
♥ Going out to lunch with the Purple Fairy and my eldest Nephew
♥ Going to the beach on a very grey and slightly overcast day! 
♥ Taking our car to be serviced back in Engadine, going for breakfast with the Hubby and checking out the op shops there
♥ Heading over to the French fairies house for drinks and a lovely Friday lunch!
♥ Going into the city to the Sydney Antique Centre to have fittings for the Fashion Parade that is on 30th March

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