Monday, April 14, 2014

Weekly Buys: Modcloth's Stylish Suprises

Recentely Modcloth run one of their Stylish Surprise sales whereby you select your size and the number of items you want and Modcloth send out mystery items. Each item is sold for $10 but is worth anywhere between $29.99 to $299.99. My wardrobe needed a bit of a shake up so I thought this would be a good way to buy some items I may not have picked up myself and use them to create a different style.
 I order 4 items and they arrived this week here is what came in the box:
And here is what I got:
When I initially opened the box it looked like the items I were sent were a bit dark and dull but when I took this dress out of the package I was pleasantly surprised by the cute cat design. The dress was sold as Cat's More Like It Dress on Modcloth but it is Dear Creatures Camille dress. From what I can find the dress retails around $90 so for just $10 it was a steal!
The second item was this teal asymmetric tunic from Piko 1988. It will be perfect for winter with leggings and a skivvy underneath and possibly belted. I can't seem to find this item on Modcloth or find a website for Piko but I did find a red version on Dancewear House USA for $32.
The next item was this sea green cotton skirt by Ixia. I can't find this skirt online anywhere so have no idea how much it retails at but I will be nice for summer and can be worn in winter with thick tights and a jumper. However it is slightly small over my hips for me at the moment. The only way I can wear it is to pull it up so it is high waisted and it looks a little ridiculous!
The last item is this Esley black and grey dress again I can't find this one online and it wouldn't have been something that I would have picked out and I'm not sure if I like it or not.

So all in all I'm pretty happy with my haul for just $40 plus $10 postage I got 4 fab items! I will definitely be partaking in the next stylish surprise sale when it comes around.


  1. Wowser, that's a fun concept. I'll have to keep an eye out for next time they do this. Sometimes it's fun to get a little push to try something new. Also, that grey and black dress looks lovely on you!

    1. Definitely look out for it Ellen its super cheap and you get some great items at $10 each! I forgot to mention they do shoes for $10 each as well. I think they run it a couple of times a year x

  2. I did this! I should do a post on it too. I got a particularly good batch this year.

    1. Yay Emmi please do I would love to see what you got! x