Friday, January 9, 2015

Weekly Buys - 9th January 2015

On Monday evening the French fairy, her partner, her son and his friend arrived for a visit. They are holidaying in Byron for a couple of weeks but came to visit us overnight. Monday night the Hubby stoked up the BBQ and we had a few drinks but on Tuesday we planned an epic Op shopping trip visiting all the op shops in Ballina.

So on Tuesday morning the French Fairy, my Sister and I hit the shops. We started off in the Salvo's Family store where I picked up this shirt for the Hubby for just $1. It has a few small rust spots on it but with the busy design they are barely noticeable and for $1 I really didn't mind.

I also grabbed this polka dot blouse for myself for just $4 and this Liberace record for $1.

Next we hit Vinnies where the French Fairy found a fab sweater for the colder months and the Westpac Life Saver Rescue Helicopter store but we didn't find anything much there.

Our next stop was Ballina Care Bargain Centre where I immediately spotted this dress on a mannequin. After stripping it off the dummy I noticed the Retrospec'd label so immediately snapped it up for just $4!

Next we headed to the Anglicare Anglican Op Shop but found there prices a little more expensive than the other op shops around and nothing really caught our eye.

In the ADRA op shop the French Fairy spotted this cute yellow bow print dress and bought it for me for just $5.

Our last stop before lunch was the Northern Rivers Animal Services Op Shop but by this point we were all a little tired and thirsty so we just had a quick look through before meeting up with the boys at the RSL for a drink and a spot of lunch.

After lunch myself, the Hubby, my Sister and her Boyfriend went to the Lifeline Op shop where my sister picked up a cute white summer dress with purple flowers and the hubby found a nice black shirt.

All in all I spent $9 of my own money and was bought the dress for $5 so for just $14 got 2 new dresses a blouse and the record. Not a bad op shop haul for the day!

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