Monday, February 29, 2016

Mardi Gras Scented Cinema - Mamma Mia

On Friday night I hopped on a plane to Sydney then hotfooted it across the city luggage in tow to meet up with the Purple Fairy and Jodie at Mrs Macquarie's Chair to attend Lush's scented cinema showing of Mamma Mia. The event was part of the Sydney Mardi Gras and Sydney's Gay and Lesbian Choir were performing.

After a wine tasting from Barefoot Wine and grabbing a bottle to enjoy during the performance (and some complimentary t.shirts) we found our seats and opened our box of scented props.

The night kicked off with some pre show entertainment and an ABBA quiz hosted by Richard Reid and then a stunning performance from the Gay and Lesbian Choir before the movie itself started on the big screen.
Each attendee had a box with props in to be sniffed at the appropriate moment during the movie so it was a true sensory experience. Although I have to admit that we were having such a good time singing along to the songs and joking with our fellow audience members that or box of props got abandoned half way through the night. However we did have fun at the end of the night sniffing the items we'd missed and guessing the Lush scents (although they were all listed on the prop card for us as you can see above!)

We had such a fantastic night at the Mardi Gras Scented Cinema that I was surprised that there wasn't a bigger turnout for the event. I hope that this won't dissuade the organisers from hosting this event in the future as I for one will certainly be booking tickets for any future events of this kind.

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