Wednesday, May 11, 2011

What to Pack for the Mountains

As I have mentioned on Many occasions the UN girlies are off for a weekend at the Blue Mountains next weekend so I thought I'd bring you my guide for packing for the mountains.

1. Winter Woolies
Remember to pack your warmest hat, scarf and gloves. Personally I'm taking a couple of different pairs of gloves, a short red leather pair for the daytime and a pair of long black kidskin ones from the 40's for the party. I'm also taking a super cute red knit scarf with interchangeable bows from Dollydagger and a few different colour berets.

2. Thermal undies
They may not be particularly sexy but they will keep you super warm. The secret to keeping warm is to layer up and thermal undies are a definite must for the first layer.
3. Thick pantyhose
Personally I love wool ribbed pantyhose but I know for some people they're reminiscent of school days! There are some gorgeous pattern wool pantyhose on the market though like this gorgeous peacock pair from Modcloth. I also cant recommend highly enough the use of support tights to keep your legs warm. Personally I'm a fan of Pacific Brands Sheer Relief which come in a range of colours and are fully fashioned so fit very nicely.

4. Bedsocks
I love gorgeously warm and fuzzy bedsocks for the winter and am inclined to wear plain black pairs in the day time aswell! They keep my feet toasty warm. I also recommend thermal socks.

5. Quality warm nightwear
When I was in the UK I got a gorgeous blue velvet dressing gown and matching slippers from Next. It wasn't cheap at 50 pounds but it has lasted me a good few years and keeps me roasty toasty in the winter. You can get some gorgeous and warm sleepwear from local department stores. I cant stress enough the importance of keeping warm at night and I have even been known to sleep in gloves and a hat on particularly cold nights!

6. Good skincare products
This may sound a bit vague but you need to remember in winter our skin is prone to drying out due to the harsh weather so be sure to get a rich creamy moisturiser and slather on the lipbalm and handcream to keep lips and hands from chapping. I love these cute lip balms from Pin Up Balms and recommend Nutrogena Norwegian Formula Hand Cream.

7. Shoes that will keep your feet dry
As I mentioned in a previous post I hate getting wet feet. When it comes to holidaying in the mountains its important to have shoes that keep your feet warm and dry and are easy to walk in to avoid slipping on any icy patches. I adore Miss L Fire's Ellison boots with their fleecy liner to keep your feet warm and short sturdy heel they're a winner for winter months.8. Stylish (but warm) outwear:
Ive picked up a couple of pendleton jackets recently (I blogged about them here and here) to take with me to the mountains not only are they super cute but being wool they are lovely and warm however I will still need a longer length coat to keep me warm so I have been trawling Etsy for a vintage cape. I also adore this Cosy Cape by Tara Starlet

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